18 - 22. August

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About Us

AMS - SPORTS CONSULTING AGENCY is a sports organization founded in 1998.

Our core principles are: earnestness, professionalism, competence and accountability.

For us many things in many cases are important. But allways in every case people are most important.

Feniks Cup is designed with application of the newest standards in organization of sports events and it will become the most important regional handball tournament. 



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We work with experienced, dedicated and competent people and highly educated professionals. 


An integral part of our organization are the prominent talent management professionals, frequently awarded professors of Physical Education, sports professionals and sports educators.

In our work, we have actively involved physicians, physiotherapists, sports medicine practitioners and nutritionists.


Our work and the results are a product of global and thematic planning and a precisely defined work program. The copious acknowledgements and continuous enduring cooperation with the highly specialized sports institutions in Macedonia demonstrate the quality of our work.

Our moto is “Kindle the fire within!”


Ever since 1998, our goal and mission has been to provide highly professional and efficient sport consulting services, quality sport education and next to perfect organization of events, which will essentially facilitate the functioning of our clients and at the same time stimulate their interests and abilities.


Our vision is to ensure a continuation of a strong link between the needs of our clients and the successful functioning of their work in a rightful manner.


Ever since we founded  AMS - sports consulting agency, we’ve created an environment in which our coaches, mentors, educators and consultants would have unlimited support and stimulation for personal growth and development, we’ve created a challenge that would enable them to continuously improve themselves. We purposely encourage an intellectually rich life and promote an environment in which they will be treated as unique professionals, entrusted with important decisions, for which they bear the responsibility before everyone.

Our desire is  AMS - sports consulting agency, to inspire every person; everyone, again and again - ensuring they experience the excitement of creating a new and better future.




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