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fair play


The most prestigious award of Feniks Cup is a "Fair Play" award.

The team (players and their coach) that are constantly aware of sportsmenship and with their behaviour on and of the court present respect, discipline and support for others, deserve to be recognised as an exeptional team.

This is why it`s our pleasure to present the "Fair Play" team of Feniks Cup 2019


Dear Handball Friends,

it was an honour and privilege to attend Feniks Cup 2019.

As a coach and in the name of my club "RK Izvidjac" I would like to thank you for the prestigious award "Fair Play". We are very much pleased that you recognized it in us.

Also we would like to express gratitude to the hosts, the whole organization and the expert staff of "RK Feniks" for the wonderful reception and hospitality.

The girls made new friends, got to know different cultures and saw beautiful landskapes of Bitola city.

We hope to get an invite again next year and once again a big thank you from "RK Izvidjac". 

Feniks cup_edited.png
ideal team


Ideal Team

Franceska M. Gogoseanu


It is an honor for me to be a part of ideal team of Feniks Cup 2019. It means a lot for me, it motivates me to become a beter player.

It was an awersome experience for us, not just for me. The teams were very good and I was imprest of the organisation!

Thank you very much for all!


Dragana Markoska


I am glad to be a part of ideal team on Feniks Cup 2019. 

This means a lot to me. Thanks to my coach I made great progres. During the tournament I have made new friendships. The tournament was fantastic and was a great experience for me. Cant wait for the next year!


Emilijana Rizoska

This is a big experience for me and I am very proud. The organization and competition were on a high level with fantastic players and teams. It`s my pleasure that I met interesting people and I gained new knowledge... I can`t wait for the next Feniks Cup.




Sandra Korlevska


I am very greatful for choosing me as a best defence player. 

First of all I would like to say thank you to my coach for organizing this tournament and for teaching me everything that I know. This was one of more fun tournaments that I have been to and I hope that next year more teams will join us. 

I am honored that I was a part of first Feniks Cup and I hope I will be a pat of it again. 

It was pleasure meeting all of these amazing handball players and learning from them.

Thank you again for choosing me.

Ana Tenea


I`m glad for our team experience at Feniks Cup 2019. It was one of the best tournaments where we have ever been, with good teams, staff, organisation and the most important thing... we had fun and made wonderfull memories. All teams played fair and had good matches. The festivities made us proud of our work, even with the first place or the last one. 

Finally we were very happy to take place at this tournament and I hope we will enjoy this experience one more time next year with the same happiness. 

Nadja Micevska

Dear friends,

It`s my pleasure to convey my impressions from this competition, and also to thank you for recognizing my talent and including me in ideal team of Feniks Cup 2019.

As soon as I got there you were nothing but kind and hospitable to me. It doesn`t take long for one to realise that she wishes to come back to you. The girls of your team were our tireless support, for wich we are endlesly thankful. The way you organized everithing was flawless. We made a lot of new friends, which means a lot to us. We fought till the last atom of our strenght to achive success. Considering the high number of opposing teams, I am more than thrilled about our results. 

I want to thank you once more for putting your trust in me, and I am looking forward to our next Feniks Cup!


Nikolina Knezevic

Dear friends,

It`s an honor to be a part of this ideal team. I can only say great things about this tournament. Organization, friendship, hospitality, everything was on the top level. I have been a part of many tournaments but Feniks Cup is certanly one that had a special touch on me. The conditions for competitions were amazing. Special impression left a heartwarming welcoming from everyone in organization of the tournament. 

As I said I have nothing but a great things to say about Feniks Cup and I hope that we will spend a good time nex year too!

Andjela Cupara

First of all I want to thank you on your invitation for Feniks Cup 2019. I am very glade becaouse my work was recognized by you. Tournament organisation was on the highest level wich everyone want to be. Becaouse of good company and everything else I hope that we will be a part of Feniks Cup next year.

Jovana Ajkovic

Thank you for choosing me to be one of the ideal team members. The organization of the tournament was at high level. I`m glad that I got the chance to meet some new friends and I hope we will meet again next year and I hope for beter success also.

Best regards.

Feniks cup_edited.png


Feniks cup_edited.png



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