Registration for Feniks Cup
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Below we have tried to collect the most frequent questions we get. Do you have any thoughts,  please look here at FAQ first. They are sorted into different categories. If you still are looking for answers, you are more than welcome to mail us:


How do you know your team has secured a place in Feniks Cup?

Within 24 hours of registering your team you will receive an email confirming that we have received your registration. Please note this does not guarantee you a place in the tournament. To confirm your place in the tournament you must first pay the registration fee.  

When is the last date of payment of the registration fee?

In order to compete in the tournament registration fee must be received by June 1. But we recommend to pay the registration fee immediately after your registration.

Is the registration fee refundable?

The registration fee is not refundable.



How can you book hotels for a team or for a traveling companions?

Here you will find all information about our hotels

How do I pay for my hotel room?

When the booking is completed you will receive a confirmation email. In order to confirm your booking you are required to pay 25% of the total amount within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email. The final payment must be received by June 1.


Can teams staying in hotels pre purchase lunch and dinner at the Feniks Cup?

Yes, order your number of meal cards on  (12 eur per day).

Can travelling companions live with the teams in the hostels?

Yes, however only up to four (4) adults per team.


Can participants registered in category C buy the meal card?

Yes, order your number of meal cards on  (12 eur per day).



Would you like to book transportation?

Contact us at and we will return with a price suggestion from our partner.


Which rules apply?

Feniks Cup is played according to the IHF rules (2016) and MHF regulations with a few specific exceptions listed in our Tournament regulations. The English text is valid in interpretation issues when it comes to the IHF rules.


How many players can be registered in the team?

There is no limit of the number of players registered in a team. However, a team can only use a maximum of 16 players per game.


How long are the games?

All matches are played 2 x 20 min.


Can you use glue?

All age groups are allowed to use glue as we play according to international rules. 


Can you borrow players from another club?

All players must be licensed in the club they play for in Feniks Cup.

Tournament Information


When do you find out what group your team has been placed in?

Group division will be completed on July 14. This will be published on Feniks Cup’s webpage.


When will the match program be published?

The match program will be published on Feniks Cup’s webpage around July 20.


How many games are we guaranteed to play?

Minimum 5 matches.

Are all classes playing every day or are the games for various classes played on different days?

All classes play matches throughout the week.


When are the finals played?

The finals are played on Sunday.




How can we order special dietary requirements for a player?

You need to register the name of the player, the special dietary requirements and/or allergies on not later than July 5. We will arrange an alternate dish for the player.


Can I book tickets for the travelling companions to the "Macedonian night"?

Leftover tickets are sold from Monday August 5.


When are the meals served?

– Breakfast: 06:30 – 10:00 – Lunch: 11:30 – 16:00 – Dinner: 16:30 –20:00